The Gov

Since I have asked all the DJs to write a small bit about themselves, it's only fair I should do the same.I have been working in radio about 6 years now as a DJ. Music has been in my life for as long as I can remember. From church choirs, school choir to picking up my first guitar at 16 to now. Don’t get the idea since I was in choir, I could sing. Those around me knew better. To them I offer my profound apology. It was more of a joy for me to listen to the harmonies. My joy of music has led my path into the extraordinary DJs that will be the backbone of this station.

I’m honored to not only call them co-workers, but also friends. Our shared joy of music has bound us and I hope our listeners enjoy what we will bring to the air. Good Friends, Good Fun and Good Music.As for my shows and what you might hear when tuning in: I’m a very eclectic music lover. I like Classic Rock, Rock, Country, Blues, Pop, Bluegrass, Doo Wop and most anything with a guitar, piano or great vocal. I have a pretty extensive playlist to request from. I’m confident if you take the time to browse thru, you can find something you might like to listen to.


Location – Oklahoma, USA