NJ Shifter


I was told I had to put something in here, and that just writing “Me is Me” wouldn’t cut it. Like others, I too remember the 78’s, 45’s, 8-track tapes and a lot of pressed vinyl records. Even though I prefer a Dixon Ticonderoga #2 with eraser, and a pad, to a computer, technology has move on to the digital age and has been able to preserve the great music that came before it. I love all kinds of music, but mostly stick to the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s.

On Occasion I have been known to get eclectic and wander around the whole gamut of the musical spectrum.I have only Dj’d about 36 months, so this should prove to be an interesting experience with OutKast.FM. Hopefully, you will sit back, relax and enjoy the music brought to you by OutKast.FM. Oh, and maybe me too.


Location – New Jersey, USA