About Us


We are a non-profit Radio Station consisting of a group of friends whose love of music have brought us together from international locations to entertain you and have fun. We bring a variety of music genres which include (but are certainly not limited to) Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, Blues Rock, Country, Pop, Alternative Rock and Oldies. We offer 24 hour service with live DJ's almost daily (Even DJ's need a day off sometimes). You can search our station and DJ playlists and request your favorite tunes. It isn't free operating a radio station like this. We have host fees, Domain costs, license fees etc. that have to be paid. We ask you give us a listen and if you like what you hear please make a donation. We are not in business to make money like a lot of the competition. For OutKast.FM, it's about the music and having fun. 100% of all donations will go toward offsetting operating costs and station development. The owners will not be putting a single penny in our pockets.Thanks for giving us a listen.

The OutKast.FM Team