DJ Fox

Hello, I am DJ Fox. Most chatters will know me as Plugster, as I've been chatting on the net for a fair few years now. Like many, I started out in the MSN chats. I've met a lot of chatters over the years and still chat with folks I met way back when.

When I was growing up the radio was the main stay of entertainment in our home. Listening to the big bands jive and the crooners. Going to my grandparents house, I got to play their records on the wind up gramophone! I am mainly into rockabilly, rock and roll and country but I have a wide range of other likes.

Why become an internet DJ? I've asked myself that question and I put it all down to the Outkasts, a group of chatters and DJ's who play tunes and have a good laugh along the way! Do I fit into the insane DJ role? Well, you can judge for yourself but I am a happy go lucky guy with an english sense of humor (strange that because I am english) so expect normailty with sudden rushes of nutter!

That's me DJ Fox!

South East Essex England