DJ Blank


​I am known as Blank to many to others I am known as Jon. I have been involved with this group of people for a long time now partly due to friendship and partly due to the Love we all share for The Music… My pleasure is to make people enjoy and laugh. By using music as a key.What is Music?Music is the soul; Music is heart of life. Music makes the world go around. Music gives us all that feeling of inner peace.I was exposed to music at a very early age. Patsy Kline, Frank (do I have to spell it), Sammy, Dean, Bill Haley, Hank Williams Sr.and yes Elvis.Big Band music, Rock and Roll, Country, Soul all have had a great influence on me.

It was the Beatles who made the biggest impact in my teens and helped set me on the musical course I have undertook learning about it. It was however the Rolling Stones who made the biggest impact on me for it were them who introduced me to the blues…. Ironically an English band showing me the blues, which I can only say thank you for. As many of you know my playlist is vast and has a lot of different types there. You will find blues country jazz rock alternative soul and yes even some real oddities there. So check my show and playlist out and hopefully you will find something old and maybe even something new to enjoy

Thanks Blank aka Jon 


Location – Amishland, USA